Cherokee Schill's handlebar camera showing a car passing her in the breakdown lane

This movie is one of our favorites. We’d long been amazed by the intrepid story of Cherokee Schill, a single mom determined to get to work by any means necessary—and in her case that meant an 18 mile bike ride on a Kentucky highway. The result, and her motivations, are shown in this movie, which was originally released by Yes! Magazine.

Groundswell #9: Not Waiting for Safety: A Single Mother Bicycles for Survival from Microcosm Publishing on Vimeo.

Discussion questions:

1. What situations in your life, transportation or otherwise, leave you with a limited number of choices? How do you handle those?

(Note, if you’re one of the many people who wonders, watching this, “why doesn’t she ride on the shoulder?” Steve Clark from the League of American Bicyclists did the best job answering this question.)