elly, joe, and ruby the dog on their bicycles

Photo by AJ Zelada

Groundswell is a video project by Joe Biel and Elly Blue. We use movies to tell stories about how people use bicycling to improve their communities, and then we take those stories on the road to share in towns and cities around the US.

In past years, we have spent a lot of time focusing on problems in the movement. With this new series, we’re focusing on solutions, creativity, and the amazing power of people.

We began with eight short films, ranging from two to twelve minutes, which were first shown on the Dinner and Bikes tour in May, 2015.

On August 27, 2015, we publicly released our first Groundswell movie, “A League of Their Own.” We’ll be posting the rest of the original eight movies here one at a time.

We are continuing to make and edit films, albeit slowly. If you are interested in helping sponsor the Groundswell series, or if you have a lead for a groundswell that you’d like to see a movie about, please contact us.

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